Shanie K.

  • Shanie K. - Massachusetts

  • A Feminist's Case for Hillary

    I am a feminist. I believe that regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or religion we should all be treated equally with dignity and respect. Many people claim that we already have this, that ”the wage gap doesn't exist!” and that “women and men ARE given equal opportunities.” These people haven't looked at the numbers. The US is approximately 50.8% (164.4 million) female and has been around for 240 years. In these 240 years, we have had 43 presidents, 10,214 representatives, and 1,294 senators. In these 240 years, we have 0 women presidents, 300 women representatives, and 46 women senators. That means that in the history of the US, 2.9% of the representatives, 3.6% of the senators, and 0% of the presidents have been women. Does it seem fair and equal that over 50% of the population has been represented in the government less than 4% of the time?

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