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Date Title
10-31-2016 GOP Senator Jokes About Shooting Hillary Clinton
Huffington Post
10-25-2016 Colin Powell explains why he endorsed Hillary Clinton
Washington Post
10-17-2016 Showing Confidence, Hillary Clinton Pushes Into Republican Strongholds
NY Times
10-17-2016 John McCain Vows to Block Any Hillary Clinton Supreme Court Nominee
US News & World Report
10-13-2016 Trump Supporters Rally for Women to Lose the Right to Vote With #RepealThe19th
Yahoo News
10-13-2016 GIULIANI: I was wrong about Hillary Clinton and 9/11
Business Insider
10-12-2016 Salt Lake Tribune Endorses Hillary Clinton
US News & World Report
10-06-2016 Giuliani’s daughter is for Clinton
10-04-2016 George W. Bush’s Daughter Was At A Swanky Fundraiser For Hillary Clinton
09-29-2016 How a Conservative Paper Ended Up Endorsing Hillary Clinton
The New Yorker
09-23-2016 Another conservative newspaper editorial board just endorsed Hillary Clinton
Washington Post
09-21-2016 Sources: Bush 41 says he will vote for Clinton
08-29-2016 At Least 110 Republican Leaders Won’t Vote for Donald Trump. Here’s When They Reached Their Breaking Point.
NY Times
08-16-2016 More Than 100 Republicans Urge RNC To Drop Donald Trump
Huffington Post
08-08-2016 Democrats are much more excited about Hillary Clinton than Republicans are about Donald Trump
Washington Post
08-05-2016 The Republicans Defecting to Hillary Clinton
The Atlantic
08-05-2016 Harvard Republican Club Will Not Support Party Nominee Donald Trump
The Crimson
07-29-2016 Here's a comparison of the diversity of speakers at the RNC and DNC
07-28-2016 Michael Bloomberg endorses Clinton, calls Trump a 'dangerous demagogue'
CNN Politics
07-20-2016 Hillary Clinton tweeted some sassy responses to the Republican National Convention
The Week
07-21-2016 Hillary Clinton Has Perfect Response to Ted Cruz Telling RNC to "Vote Your Conscience"
07-03-2016 ‘President Hillary Clinton?’ She Wants Progress on Immigration and to Drink With G.O.P.
NY Times
05-28-2016 Six Numbers That Show Why Clinton Is Still the Favorite in 2016
NBC News
05-04-2016 Some Republicans Turning to Hillary Clinton Because of Donald Trump
ABC News
04-27-2016 Turning To The General, Clinton Makes Pitch To The “Thoughtful Republican”
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