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11-20-2016 Hillary Clinton's Popular Vote Lead Over Donald Trump Now Exceeds 1.5 Million Votes
ABC News
11-06-2016 Anti-Hate Group Condemns Donald Trump’s Closing Ad
The Huffington Post
11-04-2016 This Election Is Being Rigged – But Not by Hillary Clinton
Rolling Stone
10-29-2016 Hillary Clinton's Emails: The Real Reason the FBI Is Reviewing More of Them
10-29-2016 Trump's daughter-in-law: Trump forced FBI's hand
10-26-2016 Donald Trump Seems Jealous That Hillary Clinton Got to See Adele In Concert
08-22-2016 Clinton far better for economy than Trump: Economists
10-24-2016 What a Trump loss could mean for Hillary Clinton's presidential mandate
10-24-2016 Donald Trump’s collapse was caused by one big factor: Hillary Clinton
10-23-2016 Hillary Clinton Presses Her Advantage Over a Struggling Donald Trump
NY Times
10-22-2016 Hillary Clinton assails Donald Trump for saying he would sue accusers
Los Angeles Times
10-21-2016 Comparing Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump on the Truth-O-Meter
10-13-2016 TRANSCRIPT: Michelle Obama's Speech On Donald Trump's Alleged Treatment Of Women
10-20-2016 Donald Trump Booed at N.Y. Dinner for Saying Hillary Clinton ‘Hates Catholics’ (Watch)
10-20-2016 Hillary Clinton wins third presidential debate, according to CNN / ORC poll
10-15-2016 Hillary Clinton Finally Addressed That Creepy Hovering Trump Did In The Debate
10-16-2016 Trump Digs In On Claims Of ‘Rigged’ Election
Huffington Post
10-16-2016 Hillary Clinton Picks Up Support From Women, Swing Voters to Build Lead
Wall Street Journal
10-12-2016 Trump Faces a Slew of New Allegations of Sexual Assault
The Atlantic
10-13-2016 Trump Supporters Rally for Women to Lose the Right to Vote With #RepealThe19th
Yahoo News
10-09-2016 A competent woman just debated a man who has no idea what he’s talking about
10-09-2016 Second presidential debate updates: Hillary Clinton won again, our analysts say
LA Times
10-08-2016 John McCain Withdraws Support for Donald Trump After Disclosure of Recording
NY Times
10-08-2016 Hillary Clinton Awaits Debate As Donald Trump’s Campaign Burns
10-08-2016 'This is horrific': Hillary Clinton campaign responds to Trump's lewd 2005 comments about women
Business Insider
10-08-2016 Trump recorded having extremely lewd conversation about women in 2005
Washington Post
10-08-2016 At Least 110 Republican Leaders Won’t Vote for Donald Trump. Here’s When They Reached Their Breaking Point.
NY Times
10-04-2016 Watch A Teen Girl Explain To Clinton The Damage Trump’s Body-Shaming Causes
Huffington Post
10-03-2016 Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump 'contributing nothing to our nation'
10-03-2016 Clinton’s Lead Over Trump With Millennials Jumps To 32 Points As Post-Debate Surge Grows
Politics USA
10-01-2016 Donald Trump Tax Records Show He Could Have Avoided Taxes for Nearly Two Decades, The Times Found
NY Times
09-30-2016 Trump tripped up by Clinton's Miss Universe comments
USA Today
09-29-2016 Hillary Clinton Says Donald Trump Was 'Unsettled' by Mark Cuban at Debate
09-27-2016 Clinton Campaign Produces Further Proof Of Trump’s Damaging Treatment Of Women
Huffington Post
09-27-2016 Post-debate poll: Hillary Clinton takes round one
09-26-2016 Fact Check: Trump And Clinton Debate For The First Time
09-26-2016 Live Fact Check: Trump And Clinton Debate For The First Time
09-24-2016 Top Hillary Clinton aide playing Donald Trump in debate prep
CBS News
09-24-2016 Hillary Clinton would make a sober, smart and pragmatic president. Donald Trump would be a catastrophe.
LA Times
09-23-2016 Clinton's Newest Ad Shows Girls Looking in the Mirror While Trump Mocks Women's Appearances
Mother Jones
08-11-2016 Hillary's New Deal: How a Clinton Presidency Could Transform America
Rolling Stone
09-16-2016 What If Donald Trump Were Covered Like Hillary Clinton?
09-19-2016 Hillary Clinton: Trump's rhetoric about terrorist attacks 'gives Isis what it wants'
The Guardian
09-17-2016 The Danger Of False Equivalence
Huffington Post
09-17-2016 Donald Trump Again Alludes to Violence Against Hillary Clinton
NBC News
09-08-2016 The Subtle Misogyny in Matt Lauer’s Interview With Hillary Clinton Was Appalling
09-06-2016 Hillary Clinton rallies at Tampa’s USF campus
Miami Herald
09-04-2016 On This Labor Day, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats Fight for Workers; Donald Trump and the GOP Wage War on Workers
Huffington Post
09-01-2016 Race and racism in the 2016 campaign
CNN Politics
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