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10-20-2016 How ‘Nasty Woman’ Became A Viral Call For Solidarity
Huffington Post
10-21-2016 Comparing Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump on the Truth-O-Meter
10-19-2016 Three-for-three: Post-debate polls declare Hillary Clinton the winner—again!
Daily Kos
10-20-2016 Hillary Clinton wins third presidential debate, according to CNN / ORC poll
10-20-2016 In Debate, Hillary Clinton’s Clarion Call for Women Thrills Many
NY Times
10-15-2016 Hillary Clinton Finally Addressed That Creepy Hovering Trump Did In The Debate
10-15-2016 Donald Trump’s September Fundraising Shows He’s Not In Hillary Clinton’s League
The Huffington Post
10-09-2016 A competent woman just debated a man who has no idea what he’s talking about
10-09-2016 Second presidential debate updates: Hillary Clinton won again, our analysts say
LA Times
10-08-2016 Hillary Clinton Awaits Debate As Donald Trump’s Campaign Burns
10-05-2016 WATCH: New Hillary Clinton ad demolishes every Mike Pence lie from vice presidential debate
10-04-2016 Post-debate, Clinton takes the lead
10-02-2016 The “SNL” Premiere Pretty Much Summed Up The First Presidential Debate
09-29-2016 Hillary Clinton Says Donald Trump Was 'Unsettled' by Mark Cuban at Debate
09-28-2016 Last night’s debate, or the mansplaining Olympics
Washington Post
09-28-2016 Hillary Clinton's debate triumph over Donald Trump is a victory for clever girls everywhere
The Telegraph
09-27-2016 Post-debate poll: Hillary Clinton takes round one
09-26-2016 Fact Check: Trump And Clinton Debate For The First Time
09-26-2016 Live Fact Check: Trump And Clinton Debate For The First Time
09-24-2016 Top Hillary Clinton aide playing Donald Trump in debate prep
CBS News
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