• A Feminist's Case for Hillary

    I am a feminist. I believe that regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or religion we should all be treated equally with dignity and respect. Many people claim that we already have this, that ”the wage gap doesn't exist!” and that “women and men ARE given equal opportunities.” These people haven't looked at the numbers. The US is approximately 50.8% (164.4 million) female and has been around for 240 years. In these 240 years, we have had 43 presidents, 10,214 representatives, and 1,294 senators. In these 240 years, we have 0 women presidents, 300 women representatives, and 46 women senators. That means that in the history of the US, 2.9% of the representatives, 3.6% of the senators, and 0% of the presidents have been women. Does it seem fair and equal that over 50% of the population has been represented in the government less than 4% of the time?

    The reason that's often given for this is that women aren't interested in government. This is nonsense. Since the first suffragette ran for president in 1872, 44 women have run for president, more than the number of presidents we’ve had. If all these women have run, there’s an obvious interest in government. So if women have an interest in government, why has so little of our government been comprised of females? This is due in part to the different ways men and women are described. While a woman may be described as “bossy” and a “control freak” in a newspaper article, a man is called “assertive” and “in control.” The lack of female representation combined with disrespect for female leaders greatly contribute to why I, a feminist, am supporting Hillary Clinton. 

    Of course, I don’t just support Hillary because she's a woman—there's no way I'd ever support Sarah Palin or Carly Fiorina. I also support Secretary Clinton because I believe that she is a feminist who strives for equality and that she has views I agree with on important issues. Hillary Clinton has plans for increased renewable energy, quality of education, and gun control. She has actively advocated for the rights of all the citizens of the US. Unfortunately, instead of seeing these points, people constantly bring up insignificant points from her past in politics. They use quotes from over twenty years ago to try to disprove what she is saying now. I was born 16 years ago, and that has been enough time for my views to change multiple times. So why can't Hillary’s views evolve as well? I feel like the things she says are presented in a different and negative way due to her being a strong woman with independent thoughts. 

    Additionally, Hillary has had much more experience in government than any other candidate. Hillary Clinton has been the First Lady, senator of New York, and Secretary of State. She has used all these positions to campaign for the issues that our country faces on a daily basis, such as healthcare reform and gun legislation. In fact, she has written some of that legislation, with help from her deep background in law. If you heard that a candidate was strong, assertive, had years of experience in the government, including in the White House, and was fighting for positions you agreed with, wouldn’t you support that person? Hillary Clinton is all of that. She provides real opportunity for a majority of the population to have representation that they have not before. In addition to that, she understands and believes in the needs of the whole population. I believe in feminism, I believe in equality and representation, and I believe in Hillary Clinton. 

    Photo credit to Robert Huffstutter

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