• Climate Change during Election Season

    Perhaps the most fundamental albeit frequently neglected issues the world faces today are climate change and global warming. There are several steps that are critical for our next president to take to preserve our environment and the health of United States citizens, but unfortunately, climate change is a topic on which both current candidates have dramatically different approaches.

    On one side, we have a candidate who is ready to install half a billion solar panels by the end of her first term and invest in enough clean, renewable energy to not only power every home in America, but also generate good-paying jobs and make our economy more competitive.

    On the other side, we have a candidate who has sued to block a wind farm that he claimed would spoil the view from his golf course. The Republican Party has gone on record for labeling global warming a “hoax,” and a “theory that’s not proven.”  Donald Trump has even stated that as president, he would dismantle the Department of Environmental Protection.

    Contrary to Trump’s approach of discounting any discussion on the topic of climate change and even dismissing its very existence, Hillary Clinton has vowed to carry out the Clean Power Plan, launch a sixty-billion dollar clean energy challenge, renew coal communities, and make environmental welfare a priority when she is in office.  

    The reality of climate change is one that must be addressed, not questioned. As long as we disregard these critical matters, our oceans will get hotter, our agriculture and food security will be threatened, our forests will die off, our infrastructure and mode of transportation will remain at risk, more species will become endangered, and our health will be put on the line as a result of smog produced by the warmer, polluted air.

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