• Dear Bernie Supporters: Hillary vs. Trump is NOT a Lose-Lose

    As an avid Hillary supporter, I have had several discussions with friends about the upcoming presidential election. When I talk about the election with Bernie supporters, there is one statement that often comes up: Clinton versus Trump is a lose-lose situation for our country. Obviously, I find this a completely false statement which I would like to debunk. 

    One of the most common claims against Hillary and Trump is that they are both liars. This isn’t true! I believe the difference between them as “liars” is that Hillary is an adapter, while Donald just spews outright falsehoods. There is a video that pops up a lot when I am scrolling through social media called “Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight.” In this video are several dated clips of Hill stating her standpoints juxtaposed next to recent clips of her with shifted standpoints. Changing your opinion is not lying. I actually think the fact that Hillary’s views have evolved over time is a reason why she would make a strong president. It shows that Hillary is flexible and keeps an open mind on issues as the times turn. It proves that, though she is dedicated to the issues, she is neither pig-headed nor stuck in her ways. 

    Another example of Hillary “lying” in this video are clips of her stating she is either progressive, moderate, or somewhere in between in different instances. The truth is, Hillary is more progressive on some issues and more moderate on others. This isn’t lying. Trump, on the other hand, is a liar. He blatantly and openly lies without giving it a second thought. Our friend Donald is the kind of person who cannot be trusted as president.

    What really bugs me about this statement comparing Hillary and Trump is the fact that Democrats who support Sanders would choose to vote for Trump over Hillary. Hillary and Bernie in their political views are not very different at all. In fact, in Congress, Hills and Bernie voted the same 93% of the time. A Sanders supporter saying Trump would make better decisions than Hillary is just uneducated.

    Now, when this topic comes up, my response is always the same: I believe Hillary would actually make a stronger president than Bernie to begin with. I think her issues are more widespread and I think she is much more experienced and knows how to get things done. You can support Bernie and that’s okay: you’re allowed to believe in whatever you want to believe in. Either way, though, Hill beats Trump any day.

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