• Four Days to the Election

    Four days: that’s all the time we have before this roller-coaster of a campaign comes to an end. Whoever becomes president will face an immense challenge in uniting the country, and I wish the victor the best of the luck in that endeavor. Our divided nation is in serious need of healing—I think everyone can agree on that. Yet, obviously, I have my preferences for which candidate I want to win. That candidate is, with 100% certainty, Hillary Clinton. Let me explain why—not using any attacks on her opponent, just stating the positive case for her.

    First off, Hillary Clinton is incredibly experienced. The Presidency must be held by someone who has the right qualifications, and Hillary’s many years of public service fit the bill. It is not just the length of her service, but the incredible breadth of knowledge she will bring as President. She was the First Lady of Arkansas and of the US as whole, she has served people in elected office as the Senator of New York, and she represented our country as Secretary of State.

    Even before she held any political position, she was working as a lawyer when it was very hard for women to do so; despite this challenge, she was often honored by the National Law Journal as one of the top hundred most influential lawyers in the country. And before that, she helped bust segregated schools in the Deep South while working for the Children’s Defense Fund. She has a broad-ranging perspective on many issues due to her wide range of experience, helping her to deeply understand the challenges this country faces.

    She also has specific plans to meet those challenges. On her campaign website, or through the affiliated “The Briefing” page, you can find both broad summaries of her plans and more detailed policy papers. Some highlights include a plan for free public college for most students, and plans on how to strengthen the existing Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Specifically relating to healthcare, one striking initiative is her plan to add a so-called public option for insurance. Essentially, this plan allows a person to buy into Medicare and pay for it like regular insurance. The hope is that the government insurance plan would be cheaper and more efficient than private insurers.

    Eventually, if enough people buy in of their own accord, the United States would essentially have a government-run, single-payer health network that could offer quality health insurance at a low price. This strategy is better than immediately replacing our current health insurance system, as a sudden jump to single-payer healthcare would likely cause immense upheaval. There are so many more policy plans she has, so like I side earlier, go and check them out on the website.

    Finally, I believe Hillary should be president because she can do the crucial task I laid out at the beginning—uniting our divided nation. She has worked with Republicans in the past, and has already laid out an agenda to build working relationships with the opposite party as soon as she comes into office. Now, it is understandable to doubt her uniting abilities considering that many Americans, unfortunately, have a negative view of her (a likely result of sexism and Republican smear campaigns). Yet one thing has always remained constant about Hillary; her approval ratings go up when she actually is in a job versus campaigning for it. Once she gets working, people tend to forget the partisan attacks and see her for who she truly is: a dedicated, caring, and knowledgeable public servant who truly wants to improve the nation.

    With that in mind, I urge you to support Hillary Clinton to be the next President of the United States. She is, without a doubt, the candidate this country needs.

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