• Health of the Race

    Hey guys, only a couple days away from the first debate and I wanted to talk about a topic that I think is really prominent in the news right now. As you may have heard, our girl HRC came down with pneumonia. Pneumonia is a little sickness that usually only lasts about a week, but we need to look at the big picture. Following her sickness, the response has been really interesting and slightly alarming. I’m going to go through my analysis of three aspects out of this little blip on the radar and how they might be having a bigger impact than we think.

    First, let’s talk about Trump. We know him as the guy who will say anything to put people down or poke at their weaknesses. But, his response to her sickness shows a new and scary side of Trump: normalcy. He encourages her “speedy recovery” and is now doing better in the polls. I do not think this is a coincidence. He and his team are deliberately showing that he can be a “nice guy.” That is the thing that the Republican base wants and will win support from more undecided, middle ground voters. This new face is posing a real threat to HRC.

    Second, so-called scandals. The Trump campaign’s and the media’s favorite thing to do is keep bringing up the “dirt” on Hillary. It ranges from “Where does the State Department begin and the Clinton Foundation end” to “Benghazi”, and, best of all, “emails.” Now added to this list is… “sickness”? The new scandal is why didn’t she disclose her diagnosis? Why did she not tell us about her pneumonia? Therefore she is unfit for president. This totally makes her worse than Trump, right?

    Unfortunately, this whole thing has been blown out of proportion. 450 million people annually contract pneumonia, more than the entire population of the United States. Also, even more mundane is sickness in general. I have never met a person who has not caught a cold in their entire life. Hillary would be even more likely to contract something, as she works on the campaign trail day and night, interacting with so many people, and traveling. I think that we are blowing a simple sickness out of proportion. She isn't trying to hide anything, so let’s relax.

    Lastly, I want to discuss what we can conclude about our 2016 race as whole when looking at just this piece of it. This race, unfortunately, has largely been focused on personal attacks instead of policy. Trump calls Hillary out on Benghazi, but not on her real policies like paid family leave, etc, which are against his ideologies. Why is the media spending so much time on how Hillary “covered it up” rather than on more substantive issues. We have to stop with getting all up in everyone’s personal business. Instead, we should focus on what the candidates are actually promising and how they are going to do get stuff done in office.

    Wrapping up, sickness is sickness and unfortunately this little thing is costing Hillary more than just a sore throat. I wish her a speedy recovery; on her health and in the polls.

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