• Hillary Is For Everyone!

    In my opinion, Hillary Rodham Clinton is one of the most inspirational people in history. Hillary’s campaign is really making me excited for November, especially given who her competition is! As we can all see, Hillary is the only qualified candidate. As a daughter of two immigrants, Hillary is not only a great choice, but she is our only hope.

    The majority of my family is Mexican, and I've never been ashamed to say that. However, I know that some people are, because they don't want to be judged or discriminated against. So now you’re probably wondering: why would they be judged for their home country or heritage? Well, after all the obnoxious and disgusting comments that Donald Trump has made, it can really get to your head and make you ashamed for being who you are.

    Now, Donald Trump says that we should build a wall and keep the Mexicans out but I don't think that he's ever considered how it would feel to have an actual barricade separating him from his family. I can understand why he wouldn't ever put himself in that place: maybe because he's white, or maybe because that's not something most people typically worry about, but for many families that's the main thing on their minds. Little kids shouldn't have to fear that one day their parents could just be torn apart from them, that one day they come home to the horrific news that their parents were deported.

    Unfortunately, this is the reality for some families, and if we let Donald Trump become president then these tragedies will grow more and more common. Saying that some Mexicans don't come to this country just to sell drugs is a lie, but saying that all of them do come to sell drugs is a much bigger lie. My family didn't come here to kill, rape, or sell drugs—all my family came here for was to build a better life. Not only will Donald Trump destroy this beautiful country, but he will destroy families, happiness and most importantly, he will destroy freedom. If we all come together and make sure that Hillary Clinton wins this election, this country will stay beautiful and true to itself!

    Photo credit to Mike Mozart.

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