• Split Victories, but Hill Still in Commanding Lead

    Last night, the states of Kentucky and Oregon held their primaries. Hillary won Kentucky and Bernie took Oregon, but the math remains. Going into the night, Bernie needed 63%-37% wins in every state to overtake Hillary, but got that margin in neither contest. Now, he needs approximately 68%-32% wins in every remaining state, including places where Hillary is favored like California and Oregon. With that said, let’s take a closer look at the primaries last night:
    In a narrow, 47%-46% victory, Hillary has been declared the unofficial victor in Kentucky, because the margin was so close. Bernie could elect for a recount if he so chooses. 
    Hillary, per usual, was buoyed by her strength in the metropolitan areas of the state, including Louisville and Lexington. Bernie, meanwhile, found his strength in the coal-producing region of Appalachia.
    When all was said and done, Hillary triumphed with a narrow margin. Thus, the 55 pledged delegates of Kentucky will be split fairly evenly, with 28 for Hillary and 27 for Bernie.
    While a win or a loss would have made a tiny delegate difference, it is still an important victory as it voids talk of Bernie’s win streak after he won the last two primaries of Indiana and West Virginia. 
    However, on the opposite side of the country, Bernie pulled out a triumph. He won fairly evenly across the state, taking a 55%-45% win in the end. 
    Some delegates are still left to be allocated, but it will likely yield a 4 or 5 delegate advantage for Bernie.
    As previously stated, Bernie needed landslide victories coming into tonight. While he had comfortable win in Oregon, it could not meet the high threshold Bernie needs for victory.
    Bernie’s success allowed him to break Hillary’s undefeated record in closed primaries, in which only registered Democrats can vote. The win in Oregon was his first victory of such a format. However, Hillary is still far ahead in terms of delegates—let’s hope it stays that way. Go Hillary!
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