• A Thank You Note

    I have to admit that it’s extremely hard for me to write this. The past 24 hours have been a roller coaster of emotions, and I don’t quite know how to articulate what I'm feeling.


    At this point, I think it’s pretty clear that I love, love, love Hillary Clinton. The past 18 months of my life have been thoroughly Hillary-themed. Every article, essay, or paper that I’ve written for school has been about her. She has been at the center of my conversations with friends and family. She literally has found her way into my assignments for even art class. Hillary is my inspiration and my role model. I’ve never looked up to a public figure as much as I look up to her.


    Hillary represents everything I love about America. Her messages of kindness, tolerance, and strength are deeply resonant. She is an insanely experienced hard worker, and has dedicated her life to bettering the world around her.


    And she is a woman. Unapologetically, unashamedly, proudly, she is a woman. Hillary doesn’t put up with the misogynistic crap of the patriarchy. She stands alone, a strong female figure in a political climate dominated by old white men who all possess the same graying hair, striped ties, and condescending attitudes. She has shown little girls, young women, and even people who were alive when women couldn’t vote, the impact that one woman can have.


    It goes without saying that last night seemed like a freakish nightmare. I sat on my couch all night, glued to the bright colors and blaring noise of the TV, my phone chiming non-stop as horrified texts from my friends rolled in. I watched in tearful distress as Hillary, my infallible heroine, lost the election to Donald Trump.


    It was excruciating. But, while I’ve grieved a lot today, I’ve also spent time reflecting on the whole ordeal. And, although I’m in shock and mourning, I recognize my privilege as an upper-class white woman. So many others (Muslims, people of color, people with disabilities, people from immigrant families…the list goes on) woke up this morning and felt not only disappointment, but also sharp fear and panic. That is unacceptable.


    So, here’s the good news. Although it might not seem this way right now, America is filled with so many people who are spirited, passionate, and resilient. I’m confident that our nation has the strength and courage to get through a Trump presidency. If we communally pour all our love, energy, and enthusiasm into protecting the rights of every American, then we can continue the progress already underway. Hillary’s slogan is now more relevant than ever: We truly are stronger together.


    Thank you, Hillary Clinton. You have fought your entire life for equality and fairness. You have made history by cracking the glass ceiling. And now, you have paved the way for another woman to completely shatter it. You truly are an inspiration, role model, and example for all of us to follow.


    One final note: I am immensely grateful to and proud of every person who has contributed to Teens4Hillary.com over the past 8 months. Together, we created a positive and enlightened space to discuss real issues and be inspired by Hillary. Together, we did our part in this historic election. Together, our voices were heard.

    Together, we will continue to be heard.



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