• Elizabeth Warren for VP?

    Recently, there’s been a lot of buzz in the air about who Hill will choose as her VP (assuming she wins the nomination :). I’ve read a bunch of articles recently that say to add to her historic campaign, Hillary might choose a Latino politician such as Tom Perez or Julian Castro as a running mate. However, Hillary made a statement a few months back saying she is totally open to having a female vice president, which is amazing.

    Everyone thinks Elizabeth Warren is the obvious choice, and I completely agree. I’ve been a huge fan of Elizabeth since she ran for Senate in my state a few years ago, and I even got to meet her once at an event in my town. She was so cool, and would be an awesome VP. I’ll always remember when she came up to me, knelt down, and said to me, “I’m running for Senate, because that’s what girls do. Do you promise you’ll remember that?” and gave me a pinky promise. I couldn’t believe it. She’s accomplished so much both before and during her time as a Senator to fight for the middle class and protect consumers, and I know she would continue this amazing work as a VP to Hillary. I truly hope Elizabeth hops on the Hillary train.

    Even if Hillary’s choice isn’t Elizabeth Warren, however, I know whoever Hillary chooses as a running mate will be pretty impressive. For now, though, Hillary’s keeping us on our toes!

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