• Four Days of History (Or: the DNC)

    I think we can all agree that the DNC was four straight days of inspiration. Every speaker was awesome, and they all spoke such amazing and true words about Hillary.

    Michelle Obama was an obvious highlight. She spoke beautifully about her time as First Lady, and the significance of America’s first black president, and (hopefully) America’s first female president. Her haunting words about the future of American children resonated with me long after I watched her speech. And it had a lot of people, wishing she’d run for president at some point (that’s a topic for another day).

    Her husband, our awesome President Obama, also spoke amazingly. He talked about his and Hillary’s history together, and their teamwork while he served as president and she served as Secretary of State. And he also dropped the iconic line: “Don’t boo. Vote” in response to the booing crowd when he brought up Donald Trump’s many poor qualities.

    The next day, Chelsea absolutely slayed. She provided many personal anecdotes in describing her sweet and supportive relationship with her mother, and discussed the highlights and challenges of Hillary’s career in public service—emphasis on “service.”

    And then QUEEN HILLZ herself came out and formally accepted the nomination—MAKING HISTORY AS THE FIRST FEMALE CANDIDATE TO FORMALLY ACCEPT A MAJOR PARTY’S NOMINATION (can you tell I’m excited?)!

    The convention ended with a long shower of colorful balloons. Honestly, watching Hillary and Bill and all the other politicians play with the thousands of balloons might have been more fun to watch than the actual speeches themselves. Just kidding—the speeches were incredible, the convention was incredible, and Hillary was incredible. The 2016 DNC was four full days of quality TV, but not only that: it was also four days that will go down in American history books.


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