• Four Days of Torture (Or: the RNC)

    After four very long and painful nights, we can all take a deep breath. The Republican National Convention is finally over. So let’s debrief.

    I don’t think I have ever observed a group of people more partisan, more hateful, and more divisive than I did over the past few days. The politicians, businesspeople, and relatives who spoke in support of Trump shocked me more and more as the convention went on. The convention was, in general, an incubator of disrespect and resentment and blind fervor.

    The first real moment that this fact hit me hard was when Chris Christie opened his mouth. His speech was in the style of a district attorney in a criminal prosecution, and he “charged” Hillary with all sorts of “crimes” (The New York Times fact-checked his speech and found a number of inaccuracies—check it out here). While he angrily recited his charges against Hillary, he got the crowd riled up, inciting thousands in the audience to scream, “Lock her up!” and “Guilty!”

    Ben Carson then accused Hillary of working with Lucifer. Take a deep breath, buddy. And THEN, one of Trump’s advisors said, quote unquote, Hillary should be “put in the firing line and shot for treason.”


    Any sensible person who watched the convention surely got nervous watching the speakers egging on the hysterical crowd, seemingly far more focused on ripping Hillary to shreds than painting a positive picture of their own controversial candidate.

    Why is it that politics have become nasty and personal and maniacal? This growing mob mentality and brutal dehumanization is not healthy, and it shows that our politics have gone way over the line. As Aretha herself would put it, all we need in campaigns is a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T, something Donald Trump’s team has obviously struggled with.

    To reiterate Sam K’s post from a few months ago, civil disagreement is absolutely necessary in our elections. Although politicians are bound to disagree—we all know Hillary and Trump couldn’t be more different—it’s crucial to do so diplomatically, respectfully and impersonally. Trump’s campaign is a frightening reminder that he and his supporters have lost all sight of appropriate boundaries and do not feel constrained by common human decency. Just as Hillary has done throughout this entire campaign, we, as Hillary supporters, must rise above this gutter-level behavior and hope that we can put this behind us come November.

    Photo Credit to PBS NewsHour

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