• Musings on a First Female President

    I get asked a lot, “Does Hillary’s gender matter?”


    Here’s the thing. The United States of America has had 43 presidents, total. One of which was a black man (shoutout to my fave, Obama). The rest are almost all old white guys.

    To me, it’s utterly astounding that a country that believes it sets the example for the rest of the world has never had ONE female president. Truly, it’s crazy. So on this hand, yes, I absolutely believe it is time for a woman president. Hillary’s already cracked the glass ceiling of politics, but by winning the presidency, she would absolutely SHATTER it. I think it would be so cool for her presidency to fully open that door to women, as politics still remain a very stubbornly male-dominated area -- still only about 20% of the members of the House and Senate are women.

    On the other hand, though, I’d still love Hillary even if she were a man. I would still agree with her views and strongly support her campaign. Her outstanding foreign policy experience, tough views on gun control, and unequivocal support for gender equality and reproductive rights would still be amazing if she were a man, and are what truly matters in a presidential campaign.

I guess Hillary’s gender matters and doesn’t matter at the same time. It matters in the sense that she would be making history and bringing America up to the standard that we are so late to reach. But her gender doesn’t matter in the fact that her views and actions are ultimately what matter most. Well, either way — go Hillary!

    Photo credit to Lindsay Shaver

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