• Trump's Beef with the Khans

    Let’s discuss something that’s been happening over the past two weeks: Donald Trump’s embarrassing and harmful beef with the Khan family.

    Trump launched his attack on Khizr and Ghazala Khan after the two parents of the late and honorable military officer, Humayun Khan, spoke at the DNC. The pair stood onstage together as Mr. Khan fully endorsed Hillary and praised her leadership. Trump chose to take to Twitter and do what he does best: string bullying words together in 140 characters, sloppily constructed to tear others down and swell his own large ego.

    He called Mrs. Khan out on not speaking, suggesting that “perhaps she was not allowed to,” an allegation ridden with islamaphobia and dangerous stereotype. He continued to pounce on the two as the week progressed, mocking and criticizing Khizr Khan for his TV interviews.

    Trump managed to attack the one community that the whole country views as sacred: Gold Star families.

    Trump never ceases to cross lines of decency with every word he speaks. I sincerely hope America will realize that this man is not only self-absorbed and foolish, but also mean-spirited and hateful. His values are the polar opposite of those that our nation should stand for.

    We need a president who will lead by the example of love and kindness and will unify the country, not divide it more deeply than it already is. That leader is not Donald Trump and will never be Donald Trump. It’s Hillary. 

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