• Trump's Failed Visit to Mexico

    Yesterday Trump decided to visit the last place you’d expect: Mexico. Surprisingly, he didn’t go to stay at a lavish Trump resort and spend millions on a luxurious vacation—he went to meet with the Mexican president, Enrique Pena Nieto, presumably for no purpose other than to give off a “presidential” air.

    Trump’s weak attempt at cozying up with our southern neighbor was a predictable fail. Not only did his and Pena Nieto’s meeting sound vague and brief, but Trump also reportedly never mentioned his big plans for Mexico: build a massive wall on our shared border and make them pay for it. This insane idea has been a pillar of his campaign since day one, and although Trump neglected to discuss it with the man who would be dealing with the wall, he mentioned it at an Arizona rally directly following the meeting. His hardline policies remain the same in the States, he is just too duplicitous to mention them to the country that would actually feel their effects.

    And let’s not forget about Trump’s constant, vicious anti-Mexican, anti-Hispanic rhetoric. One of his most famous quotes is one in which he calls Mexicans druglords, criminals, and rapists. Oy. Hillary posted an article on her website a few days ago that lists every single racist remark aimed at Mexico on Trump’s Twitter page, and, well, yikes. And remember when Trump claimed an Indiana judge wasn’t American because of his Mexican heritage? Trump had absolutely no business going to Mexico, and he hopefully realizes it now after his disastrous meeting.

    Photo credit to Mike Licht

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