• Trump's Taxes

    Sometimes I wish I could attend a town hall or small rally for Trump. Not to support him, of course—so that I could stand up at the end and ask him, “WHY HAVE YOU NOT RELEASED YOUR TAX RETURNS?”

    The first answer I’d imagine, if he responded honestly (which he definitely wouldn’t), would be: “I can’t release them because I’m not as rich as everyone thinks I am! Can you imagine how degrading it would be for people to see that I’ve been lying about my wealth for my whole life?”

    Another possible response might be: “I barely pay taxes! Can’t let the American public see that, you know!” This answer would be highly plausible, considering in the past he’s said things such as “I fight very hard to pay as little tax as possible.” Hmmm. Ok.

    Or maybe he’d say: “I don’t give any money to charity, even though I claim I give tens of millions of dollars away. Come on, you know I’m too selfish to give money to people who actually need it!”

    Or: “Oh yeah, about that—I do business with some corporations that the American people aren’t too happy with. That just wouldn’t be good for my image.”

    Of course, these answers are hypothetical—Trump would never admit to any of these things in an interview, as he’s already proven to be quite the pathological liar in the past. But the reasoning behind these imaginary responses seems more and more likely each day as Trump holds off in releasing his tax returns. We’re waiting!

    See: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/21/opinion/mr-trumps-stupid-excuses-on-taxes.html?_r=0 for more.

    Photo credit to Mike Licht

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