• What Happened, GOP?

    We’ve all heard a lot this past week about the “Hillary email scandal.” Now, we all know that Hillary’s emails have been at the top of the news. Most people, like myself, frankly are tired of hearing about this—especially since the FBI declared that there was nothing further to investigate in the emails. So, why does the GOP insist on dragging this issue back up?

    It’s problematic, to say the least. It seems as though the GOP is more focused on tearing down Hillary for matters that have already been dealt with, rather than condemning their own candidate, Donald Trump, for the atrocities that he’s committed throughout his campaign.

    Even more recently in the news: Trump posted a picture of Hillary on Twitter, along with an anti-semitic insignia. The image was taken directly from a white supremacist website. Some members of the Republican party, such as Paul Ryan, spoke against this Tweet: “Anti-semitic images...they’ve got no place in a presidential campaign.” Um, yeah. 

    But wait for it. “We’ve got to get back to the issues that matter to the public,” Ryan continued to say. 

    And what exactly are these issues that the Republicans find so important? They’re not anything substantive, like getting semi-automatic weapons out of the hands of everyday citizens, expanding on our immigration platform, or protecting women’s rights. They’re not protecting the US’s LGBT community, dealing with the refugee crisis, or tackling ISIS. They’re not even speaking against a candidate who is openly racist, sexist, xenophobic, and anti-semitic. 

    The issue the GOP finds so important is attacking Hillary. The GOP is so utterly focused on ripping down Hillary that they’ve completely sunk their own party. Many Republicans are extremely dissatisfied with and embarrassed of Trump...but who’s to blame for their nominee? Maybe if they spent more time cleaning up their own act instead of obsessing over Hillary’s mistakes, which have been acknowledged and addressed, they’d have a nominee that they might want to take credit for.

    This isn’t to say that all Republicans are the same. Although I personally disagree with many of his policies, Mitt Romney strongly condemned Donald Trump a couple months ago, and attempted to stop Trump's momentum in getting to the White House. Mitt Romney, at least, saw Trump for who he is. Unfortunately, the rest of his party was so focused on tearing Hillary apart that they missed this opportunity to slow Trump down. 

    Maybe when the GOP sees Trump’s face at the convention next week and they come face to face with the nightmare that they have nominated, they’ll understand how completely off their priorities have been.

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