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I founded Teens4Hillary in April, 2016 as a positive, teen-friendly environment by and for teen Hillary supporters. At Teens4Hillary, you can read and submit pieces about Hillary plus check out the latest headlines. I think politics should be entertaining and accessible, so don’t forget to click on the Fun Stuff page to laugh at the quizzes, games, funny videos, and gently mocking articles about Hillary. I look forward to your feedback and your participation!



Super Tuesday 2016
Super Tuesday 2008

About Abby

Abby Richmond is the founder of Teens4Hillary. In case you couldn’t tell, she REALLY likes Hillary Clinton. Abby has been a big Hillary fan since she was eight years old, when she held a homemade sign for Hillary on Super Tuesday 2008 (see pic). Abby continued these Super Tuesday efforts in 2016, when she and a few friends held signs for Hillary at their local voting place. Abby had the chance to attend a Hillary fundraiser in October of 2015, where she heard Hillary speak and even got to meet her (!!).

Abby is passionate about things other than Hillary, too. Abby is a huge feminist and believes strongly in women’s rights and empowerment. This past year, Abby has served as a fellow in the Rising Voices Fellowship, run by the Jewish Women’s Archive, where she writes monthly posts about feminism, Judaism, social justice, and pop culture. Abby also loves creative writing and she has self-published four books of fiction which she sells to the public. Abby donates 100% of proceeds to four non-profit organizations, and has raised over $6,000 in total. In her free time, Abby watches Netflix, scrolls through BuzzFeed religiously, reads books, and plays the piano and tennis—but not all at the same time. Abby lives in the Boston area and is a sophomore in high school.